How To Decorate Your House in a Beach Style

beach-house-bedroomThere are many ways you can decorate your home so that it takes on a casual laid-back beach style.  Living in a beach house brings up an ambiance that is fresh, relaxing, and cool – all pointing to easy-going living. Whether you live by the beach or not, you can easily put several touches in your home to suggest the coolness and natural beauty of the ocean.

To do this, you can use a variety of hues that suggest the ocean and the beach. You can have accents of crisp white and combine them with splashes of bright and vibrant colors which instantly bring to mind the coast.  You can use aquamarine throw rugs and pillows to represent the dazzling azure sea.  You can also have punches of beautiful orange which draw inspiration from the glorious colors of the sun as it sets.

A house that sports this style should reflect a casual vibe with a lot of space, sunshine, cool fresh air and accents that represent treasures from the sea.  You have a wide variety of options when it comes to accents. You can use seashells gathered from casual walks on the beach, fresh flowers, beautiful driftwood, charming paintings, and other objects that evoke images of the sea and the beach.

The style should suggest moods that are usually associated with the magnificent combination of sun, sea, and sand.  For some people, the blend brings to mind lushness, romance, and drama.  You can have gauzy and delicate curtains to diffuse daylight and make a shimmering backdrop for your furniture.  The curtains, with its lengths romantically gathered on the floor for a romantic and lavish look, will gracefully and delicately disclose your windows.

For some people, the style should reflect a laid-back, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere.  You can decorate your house so that it shows simple, understated comfort and effortless casual vibe.  The use of linen and natural cottons, as well as raw wood and wicker is best for this style.  You can have a hammock put up as the ultimate symbol of relaxation and comfort.

You can use cotton rugs, sea shells, and wood perches to warm up your living room, kitchen or porch.  You can also create a rustic feel by displaying a collection of beautiful glass jars and interestingly designed baskets.

Style pieces that allow the light through contribute a summery and romantic look.  You can used a see-through hand-crafted lamp, a stool with pastoral x-shaped legs, or a lovely hand-made sea garland to bring on this effect.

Use garden blooms and put them in vintage jars or other conversation-piece vessels to draw attention.  You can choose from several flowers using allium for its magnificent height, scabiosa or carnation for their beautiful texture, or spring snowflakes for their breath-taking lovely cascading look.

Louvered doors are perfect for shifting into an alfresco set.  They also convey nostalgia for the beach cottages of yore that open up completely to merge with the outdoor or shut to protect the home from strong winds or rain.  You can use curtains made of canvass for character, a wicker ottoman, wicker lounge chairs, and pillows made of cotton fabric with beautiful ocean blue hues. You can complete the imagery by surrounding the set with lavish plants and beach shrubbery.